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More About Us

My Name is Tracy Rivers, and I am the SHE-EO of EVP Professional Services.

After teleworking countless hours due to COVID-19, I began to have mounting concerns about the safe return to my workspace. I wondered, would my work environment be as safe for my health as my home office? What precautionary measures would be put in place to ensure my safety and the safety of others?

As a business owner, you likely have experienced the same concerns – How do I ensure a safe, healthy work environment?

These concerns lead me to do extensive research on what would be required to create a safe and healthy work environment for myself and others. By combining my entrepreneurial spirit with my commitment to safety, I launched EVP Professional Services. 

Our mission at EVP Commercial Cleaning is simple: to sustain the environment by offering green cleaning services that enhance the quality of life of a company's staff by providing expert commercial cleaning services. 

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